Photo of an Audi e-tron GT.

The inspiration that drives us.

There is one thing that connects everything Audi does: passion. It drives us to push the very limits of innovation, sustainability, and electric driving. Passion is what unites us all. This collection of stories demonstrate how our passion finds its way into our progressive technology, electrification, and the Audi community.

Photo of an Audi concept car.

Innovation & Technology

There are limitless ways to push the very idea of how we drive and live further. Explore our latest ideas, technology, and the progress they bring.

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Photo of an Audi Home Charging unit for an Audi e-tron.


To realize our sustainable future we’ve committed to bold action today. The switch to electric mobility is at the heart of that mission. Discover the suite of electric technology and ideas that are powering our transition towards electrification.

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