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Audi Q8 parking in front of a home.

Safe driving starts with the right tires.

US model shown.

Peace of mind traction — no matter the conditions.

The performance of your Audi depends on the right set of tires. Our Certified Audi Technicians will outfit your vehicle with either: all-season wheels and tires for ideal flexibility, or winter wheels and tires that use special rubber compounds.
These special rubber compounds provide optimal traction for handling and braking in cold weather, ice, slush, and snow. As the weather changes, your Audi should be fitted with the most optimal wheels and tires for the season.

Winter Wheels.

Take on Canadian winter with confidence. The right set of winter wheels for your Audi can be the difference you need to drive safely in all weather. All season long. Find your set from our line of available Audi Genuine Winter Wheels.

Close up of Audi winter wheels.
Close up of Audi tires.


Safe driving starts from the tires up. Discover which tires are an optimal fit for your Audi unique level of performance, driving dynamics, and in each season.

Find the right wheels and tires.

The right set of wheels and tires can make all the difference to your vehicle’s performance and safety. Browse the catalogue to discover which set is optimal for your Audi and use the online locator to find them at a dealer near you.