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Light years ahead.

Audi is a leader in automotive lighting technology because we recognize that lighting is about much more than driving functionality alone. It’s about expressing and communicating with a unique style, tailored to each Audi model.

Design & animation

Striking the perfect balance between work and play, Audi lighting designs take the driving experience to the next level.

Animation for headlights and taillights. When you lock or unlock your Audi, HD Matrix-design LED headlights will display a glittering, model-specific lighting sequence—adding a little bit of magic to the start of your drive.

European model shown. Specifications may vary. Availability of features shown varies by model.

Exterior features

Stand out in a crowd as only you can in an Audi with unique exterior lighting technology. Availability of features shown varies by model.

Close-up of the grille and Digital matrix-design LED headlights on an Audi S8.

Close-up of the laser lights on the Audi e-tron GT.

Close-up of the LED daytime running lights on an Audi Q8 e-tron.

Close-up of the OLED taillights on an Audi vehicle.

Interior features

Interior lighting is crucial in shaping a driving experience that’s uniquely Audi. Combining elegant styling and craftsman-inspired materials, Audi interior lighting creates a comfortable and serene cabin atmosphere.

A new vision.

Lighting carries considerable weight in the creation of Audi concept vehicles—from characterizing the futuristic designs to shaping a first-class interior experience.

Concept vehicle shown. Not available for sale. The automated driving functions shown are technologies currently under development and only represent a possible concept.

See the light.

Step into an Audi and experience the difference that elevated lighting technology makes.

Front view of a gray Audi Q8 e-tron, lit up by the Singleframe projection light.

Electric at first sight.

The all-new Q8 e-tron is proudly electric—heavily signified by the lighting design. The available Singleframe projection light backlights the iconic Singleframe grille, showcasing its dimensional texture as well as the emblematic Audi rings.

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