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Time for your routine maintenance?

When you service your vehicle at an Audi Dealer, you can trust their technicians have the critical knowledge, training, and specific skills to ensure your Audi gets the attention and expertise it deserves.

Recommended Maintenance for your Audi

Factory scheduled maintenance
  • Factory scheduled maintenance and inspections are vital in maintaining and optimizing your Audi’s engine, performance and life.
  • After a certain number of kilometres, dust and debris accumulate within the engine and reduce the engine performance over time (causing overheating and engine damage).
  • When you schedule a factory scheduled maintenance and inspection with an Audi dealer, you can have peace of mind knowing that our Audi technicians are trained to work with your Audi and know exactly what it needs to get it back on the road.
  • For oil changes, our technicians only use oil that is Audi factory approved because it maintains its stability at high temperatures and ensures maximum filtration to reduce dirt and debris from getting into your engine.
  • Factory scheduled maintenance + inspections
  • Brake replacement
  • Wiper blades
  • In-cabin pollen filter
  • Spark plugs

Keep your Audi performing like an Audi

Keeping up with your Audi’s factory scheduled maintenance is the best way to keep it delivering the performance and driving experience you expect while protecting the life of your vehicle.

To ensure that vehicle repairs and maintenance are performed at the highest standard, your vehicle should only be taken to authorized Audi Dealers who know your Audi inside and out. Your Audi Dealer has the proper tools and equipment, a staff of trained experts and specialists and access to an extensive range of genuine Audi parts necessary to properly maintain your vehicle’s safety, reliability and value for years to come. Check the status of your Audi’s service and maintenance schedule below or consult your Maintenance book.

Audi Service Schedule


Check your Audi’s service and maintenance schedule here
Time for your routine maintenance?

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