An Audi Sales Representative speaking with an Audi owner.

Why Audi Service?

We're committed to caring for Audi vehicles as much as we are to building them.

Why Audi service?

We know your Audi best. Our technicians are experts in Audi technology and engineering—training extensively to maintain and care for your Audi with precision and dedication. We want your Audi to perform to its peak today, tomorrow, and every day after. That’s why you will get Audi-specific, custom service included when you service with Audi.

  • 18.5


  • Average master technician tenure

  • 40

    hours annually

  • Electric Vehicle-specific training

  • 32


  • Recertification training every 2 years

Keep your Audi performing like an Audi.

An Audi Technician servicing the wheels on an Audi vehicle.

Audi-specific training.

  • Audi technicians and master technicians receive updated training annually to maintain a premium skill level.
  • Audi technicians have an average of 6.9 years of Audi-specific, hands-on experience.
An Audi Technician inspecting a part on an Audi vehicle.

Audi-specific equipment.

  • Audi invests $220,000 annually in updating tools for our techs.
  • To compete with Audi’s innovation and learning investments, a generic shop would have to spend $300,000 annually.
An Audi Technician inspecting the charging port on an Audi e-tron.

Constant improvement.

  • Audi technicians engage in training for safely assessing and repairing Audi components.
  • Audi technicians continuously receive updated best practices education and training on service and repair of electric and hybrid vehicles.
  • Audi technicians engage in continuous training in emerging technologies to maintain expertise in a constantly shifting technical automotive landscape.