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Audi connect: Remote & Control

The Audi connect Remote & Control plan is included with the purchase of every Audi—offering a comfortable driving experience and peace of mind. Get your vehicle status or check the charging stats of your e-tron.

  • 833x496_ASER_P_161048-min.jpg
    Audi Service Request

    Schedule services from your smartphone.

  • 833x496_theft.jpg
    Stolen Vehicle Locator

    Contact authorities for help locating your vehicle.

  • 1920x1080_Z7C_7321-build-4.15.22_21-(2)-(1)833x496.jpg
    In-Vehicle Trip Planner

    Generate routes with access to EV charging stations and ETAs that include charging time estimates.

  • 833x496_RemoteLock.jpg
    Remote Lock / Unlock

    Lock and unlock your Audi remotely.

  • 833x496_VehicleStatusReportV2.jpg
    Vehicle Status Report

    Receive maintenance reminders and alerts about vehicle concerns.

  • 833x496_CarFinderV2.jpg
    Car Finder

    Locate your Audi remotely.

  • 833x496_A_E-TRON_181039_1.jpg
    Static Charging Location Finder

    Find nearby charging stations for your EV.

  • 833x496_egt_2021_2319_v1-min.jpg
    Remote Charging

    Monitor charging status for your EV on your smartphone.

  • 833x496_RemoteClimatization.jpg
    Remote Climatization

    Adjust the cabin temperature of your EV from anywhere.

  • 833x496_DrivingStats.jpg
    Driving Data

    Get helpful insights into your driving behavior.

  • 833x496_2024_RS_6_performance_4345.jpg
    Speed/Curfew Alert

    Get notified when your Audi leaves your set boundaries. Set geofences when valeting your Audi. Set speed and time limits for your Audi.

  • 833x496_RoutePlanner.jpg
    Last Parked Location Finder

Audi connect: Navigation & Infotainment

Offering direct satellite connectivity throughout your vehicle, Audi connect Navigation & Infotainment helps provide a seamless driving experience.

  • 833x496_MyAudiScreen_MaP-CS.jpg
    Satellite Map Imagery

    Drop a pin, zoom out, or change the map viewing angle to better understand your surroundings.

  • 833x496_A1612551.jpg
    Traffic Light Information

    Know what speed to drive to hit the most green lights.

  • 833x496_MyAudiDestinations2.jpg
    myAudi Destinations

    Import destinations to your vehicle from your phone.

  • Traffic-on-Route-833x496.jpg
    Traffic Information

    Get real-time traffic information and re-routing guidance.

  • 833x496_RoutePlanner.jpg
    Parking Information

    Find parking spots and see pricing before you arrive at your destination.

  • 833x496_PredictiveRouteGuidance.jpg
    Predictive Route Guidance

    Get route suggestions for commonly taken trips.

  • 833x496_3DCityView.jpg
    Advanced 3D City View

    See 3D renders of your surroundings to help identify your destination.

  • 833x496_FuelPrices.jpg
    Fuel Prices

    Find the best fuel prices near you.

  • 833x496_A1814145_large-min.jpg
    myAudi trip planner

    Plan a trip on your myAudi app and sync it to your vehicle.

  • 833x496_radio.jpg
    Online Radio

    Access unlimited online streaming radio stations from across the globe.

  • 833x496_news.jpg
    Online News

    Have your customizable news feed read out to you while you drive.

  • 833x496_POI.jpg
    Connected POIs

    Conduct a Google search using your voice to find nearby points of interest.

  • 833x496_Geofence.jpg

    Get notified when your Audi leaves your set boundaries.

  • 833x496_ValetAlert.jpg
    Valet Alert

    Set geofences when valeting your Audi.

  • 833x496_Speed_Curfew.jpg
    Speed/Curfew Alert

    Set speed and time limits for your Audi.

  • 833x496_-Q4_2021_2522.jpg
    Connected Charging Station Location

    See real-time nearby charging station availability.

  • 833x496_eGT_2023_2315.jpg

    Store personal settings in the cloud and never have to reconfigure your Audi again.

  • 833x496_Weather.jpg
    Weather Information

    See real-time weather updates.

  • 833x496_2019-Audi-technology-connect-s1-NaturalVoiceRecognition-min.jpg
    Natural Voice Recognition

    Give voice commands in your natural speaking voice.

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