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A mid-shot photo of an Audi e-tron plugged in at a person's home.

The future is here.

A wide-shot photo of an Audi e-tron parked in a person's home driveway.

Within your range.

Consider, on average, how much you drive daily to best estimate how much range you'll realistically get from your Audi EV. Keep in mind that you can charge at home every night using a Level 2 charger*, so your Audi e-tron vehicle can be fully charged and ready to drive every day.

*L2 charger not included and requires extra installation and wiring costs. Please see Owner’s Manual for installation and other charging information.

Learn about charging
A close-up photo of an e-tron charging port with a charger plugged in.

7,000 charging stations across Canada. Find one near you.

Access the PlugShare map to locate all available EV public charging stations in your area.

European model shown.