A red Audi RS Q8 on a tiled road, surrounded by city buildings.


Some call it work. We call it: Passion

You can only inspire others if you are inspired by what you do yourself. Our corporate philosophy is geared to creating a work environment that allows each employee to fully develop his or her ideas. At Audi, this calls for a culture marked by transparency, communication and open and fair treatment of fellow employees at all levels.

Our desire to Drive Progress is not solely focused on efforts to promote opportunities across our company. We are also committed to inspiring the next generation of leaders to be bold and fearless in achieving their vision for the future. A career with Audi can bring out the passion, drive and dedication of some of the finest people around. The Audi family recognizes the fact that even though we craft some of the finest vehicles on the planet, our work would be in vain without the people we serve, and the people with whom we share our passion.

Like a winding road rising up to challenge one or our vehicles, a career with Audi offers development, growth, hard work and the chance to put yourself to the test. Become part of the Audi success story and join a team of performance-drive professionals who value motivation, responsibility, collaboration and exciting work.

Find yourself in the driver’s seat. Find yourself at Audi.

Employee Development

At Audi, leading and supporting employees in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust go hand-in-hand. Clearly defined goals are just as important as transparent communication and a good corporate strategy. Long job tenure, a low turnover rate and the results of annual employee surveys all help us stay on track and allow each individual to achieve the highest level possible.

Efforts to support our employees on their career paths include:

• regular goal setting
• creation of targeted and integrated development plans
• opportunities to take on challenging and demanding projects
• opportunities for professional development abroad

Corporate Social Responsibility

We take social responsibility seriously, both as a company and as people. Through our Corporate Charitable Partnerships, employees have the opportunity to participate in Volunteer Days during the year that give back to our local community partners. Employees are also encouraged to support charities of their choice through our Corporate Charitable Donation Matching Program. For us, volunteering means embracing a diverse and open society – at Audi, that’s a matter of values.

We’re looking for experts in these areas:

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