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Progress you can feel

What does it feel like to experience the next progressive leap in premium electric mobility? To have every purposeful detail come together to elevate every moment of your journey? The new fully-electric Audi Q8 e-tron answers this with stunning design, unparalleled driving dynamics and refined comfort—a masterful synergy of technology and the human imagination.

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A one-of-a-kind test drive

What better way to express the feeling of this masterpiece of progressive mobility, than through art itself? Audi Canada invited supermodel and tech trailblazer Coco Rocha to experience the new Q8 Sportback e-tron for the first time, leveraging the power of A.I. to turn her real, visceral feelings with the vehicle into breathtaking digital art—an awe-inspiring expression of progress you can feel.

*The video above is a dramatization of the real experiment for storytelling purposes.

Portrait of supermodel Coco Rocha posing next to an Audi Q8 e-tron.

Coco Rocha, digital supermodel

Design icon. Technology trailblazer. Innovator. Coco Rocha’s impressive resume inspired Audi Canada’s invite for her to come experience the new Q8 Sportback e-tron in a one-of-its-kind test drive.

A 3D render of an explosion of blue and orange particles.

Feel the awe of its reimagined design

From its new HD Matrix-design LED headlamps to its distinctive taillights, the reimagined design of the new Q8 Sportback e-tron leaves one in awe.

A 3D render of an explosion of pink and purple particles.

Feel the exhilaration of its performance

Powered by an extended range battery with faster power charging, the new Q8 Sportback e-tron accelerates to 100km/h in just 5.7 seconds—an exhilarating feeling that immediately turns to confidence under the unrivalled control of e-quattro all-wheel drive.

*Please drive safely and obey all local traffic laws including speed limits

A 3D render of an explosion of gold and green particles.

Feel the serenity of its refined interior

The new Q8 e-tron Sportback interior surrounds you with serenity, from Valcona leather-wrapped seats with ventilation and massage, to its whisper-quiet interior that lets every note of its Bang and Olufsen® sound system ring true.