myAudi App FAQs

Learn more about managing your Audi with your smartphone.

Why won't the myAudi app let me log in?
If you’ve forgotten your Audi ID password, you can use the “Forgot password” link available after you enter your email address in the myAudi App login. Follow the instructions within the myAudi App to reset your password and try again.

If you’re still unable to log into the myAudi App please call 1-800-822-AUDI (2834), Mon-Fri, 8 am to 8 pm, (Eastern Time) for technical assistance with your account so we can help get you connected.
Why are the vehicle features grayed out on the Vehicle tab in the app?
If features in the app are grayed out, any of the following conditions may apply:

• You’re not a verified Key User for your vehicle.
• You haven’t paired your account to your vehicle.
• You do not have the relevant Audi Connect subscription available. Please visit “Audi Functions Store” in your myAudi app to eligible subscription renewals.
Why doesn't my vehicle show all features marketed for the app?
Only features supported by your vehicle will display in the app.
What is a Key User and how do I become one?
Owners of 2017+ Audi Q7, A4 allroad, 2018+ A5 & Q5, and 2019+ A6, A7, A8, Q8 vehicles with Audi connect® have features (such as Vehicle Status Report, Lock Unlock, and Car Finder) that can only be used by a myAudi account designated as the Key User.
What if I'm already a Key User and paired but my features stopped working or are still grayed out?
If you’re a Key User but you’re seeing grayed out features, any of the following may apply:

• Certain Audi connect features like Geofence alerts, Speed alerts 6 and Valet alerts 7 require an active Audi connect® subscription. You can manage your subscription by opening the “Audi Functions Store” within the myAudi App.

• A full factory reset of your vehicle will also cause the items to be grayed out in the app if you were already once paired as Key User. In this scenario, please perform the Key User pairing in the MMI again.
Do I have to pay for the features in the app through Audi connect?
With the myAudi app, you can lock and unlock your vehicle, view its status report, and even find it in a parking lot, thanks to helpful Audi connect® features.

Audi Connect Remote & Control is complimentary on a new Audi for a duration of 4 years, after which the subscription can be renewed on a monthly or annual basis via myAudi app. Audi Connect Navigation & Infotainment is complimentary for 4 years on eligible vehicles. On non-eligible vehicle or when the 4 years complimentary service has expired, Audi Connect Navigation & Infotainment can be purchased on a monthly or annual basis through myAudi app.
How do I send destinations to my vehicle from the myAudi app?
To send a destination from the myAudi app to your vehicle, you must have an active Audi connect® Navigation and Infotainment subscription. You can find a destination within the myAudi app navigation feature and select “Send” to send the destination to your vehicle’s navigation system.
Are the myAudi app and myAudi portal the same?
The myAudi app is primarily focused on connecting you to your vehicle. Log in to the myAudi portal for account management functions. We are constantly striving to improve your ownership experience, so please expect regular updates to the myAudi app and myAudi portal.
I know my doors are locked but the app is showing them unlocked - why?
This happens because the car sends the status of the doors when the car is turned off. It is possible that the car is locked after this ignition off status is sent. To get an up-to-date status you need to check for warning messages or pull down from the top of the app to refresh and select the “Retrieve data from vehicle now” option.
When should I use Speed alerts vs. Geofence alerts vs. Valet alerts.
Speed alerts enable you to set a maximum speed for Audi, and to be alerted when your vehicle exceeds the designated limit. Push notifications are available for this feature if enabled in the device settings. Please note that Speed alerts feature do not prevent drivers from exceeding the specified maximum speed.

Geofence alerts allow you to set a boundary around your Audi’s location, and to be alerted if the vehicle enters or exits the defined area. When the vehicle enters or exits the specified radius, you will be alerted. Push notifications are available for this feature if enabled in the device settings. Please note that Geofence alerts do not prevent drivers from entering or exiting a certain area.

Valet alerts enable you to both define a boundary and set a maximum speed for your Audi. Alerts will be sent if the vehicle enters/exits the specified radius or exceeds the set limit. Push notifications are available for this feature if enabled in the device settings. This assumes you are physically near your vehicle (e.g., going out for dinner) and, therefore, uses the location services of the phone to identify the boundary. To select a new area, zoom out and drop a pin in the area around the vehicle to activate the Valet alert. Please note that Valet alerts do not prevent drivers from exceeding the specified maximum speed or from entering or exiting a certain area.
Why can't I use the Internet radio like I did in my previous Audi app?
In-car Wi-Fi is not available on MY20+ vehicles at the moment. However, starting MY24, you can tether the internet from your mobile device to your car using your mobile device as a hotspot. This will help you access internet radio within your Audi.

To tether internet from your mobile device to your vehicle, please follow the steps below:

1. Ensure the “Personal Hotspot” on your mobile device is activated
2. In your Audi’s MMI, go through Settings >> Connection settings >> WiFi
3. This tab will bring up the list of devices nearby with internet connectivity
4. Find and register your device and internet is now enabled on your Audi
Where can I find my PIN in the myAudi app?
The four-digit remote services PIN you use to remotely lock and unlock your vehicle can be changed within the app under. Profile >> Account Settings >>PIN If you reset your PIN, you will need to re-enter the Key User information in your vehicle.