Simplicity and control, right at your fingertips.

Audi Multi-Media Interface® (MMI®) elegantly combines all of the operation components of your vehicle in one intuitive and user-friendly display, which you can easily access right from the driver’s seat.

How it works

The MMIMMIThese words perfectly describe the innovative Audi Multi-Media Interface® system.MMI ® is the point of control for all infotainment components. Audi MMI® gives you simplified access to your telephone, mobile phone, radio and navigation functions. By reducing down to the essential controls and implementing a unified logic, it permits a fast and easy to operate use of a large number of functions and technologies.

The user guidance is simple and sits in plain view for the driver to easily access. The operation is logical, featuring a rotary push button with four control buttons arranged around it on either side. A total of eight function buttons can be used to select the main menus directly.

Entertainment, communication, information and control of vehicle systems are the four main functions of the system, and can be easily accessed using the assigned keys. The driver may activate the required functions by turning or pressing the control button within a specific menu.

Audi MMI® offers an outstanding menu structure with intuitive operating logic and an overall enhanced driving experience.

Optional feature with applicable models and packages.