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A wide-shot photo of a man in a suit charging his Audi e-tron GT.

The future of electric. The Audi e-tron.

A wide-shot photo of the back of an Audi e-tron GT parked in residential driveway.

Wake up to a freshly charged e-tron every day.

In the time it takes to get a good night’s sleep, your e-tron will be charged and ready to go. Simply keep it plugged in as often as possible to help ensure your battery operates at maximum efficiency.

Charge on the road.

Where, when, and how do you charge? Canada has over 7,000 public charging stations that are compatible with your Audi e-tron.

A mid-shot photo of a woman charging her Audi e-tron at a public charging station.

Public charging.

There are many public charging stations that make up a network, and they typically belong to the same operator to be used with a single account. Some networks, however, have interoperability agreements, which means an account on one network may also be used to charge (and pay) at another network.

A wide-shot photo of an Audi e-tron parked in front of a public charging unit.
European model shown.

Lightning-fast charging.

Faster than your average trip to the grocery store, your battery can charge from 0%–80% in as little as 30 minutes when connected at a public charging station.* Most public charging stations offer DC fast charging.

*Estimated charging times are provided as a reference only. Actual charging times will vary based on battery state of charge, driving behaviour, battery condition, current, resistance, and ambient temperature, available voltage and charging frequency.

European model shown.
A close-up photo of an Audi e-tron charging port with a charger plugged in.

7,000 stations across Canada. Find one near you.

Finding a public charging station near you is easy. Simply access the PlugShare map to locate all of the available EV public charging stations near you.

Visit PlugShare
A wide-shot photo of two Audi e-tron electric vehicles parked in a public charging station lot.
European model shown.

Paying at public stations.

In most cases, payment is required to charge at a public site. Payment methods vary, including: credit card, network RFID charge card, mobile app, or phone. Not every site offers every payment method, so contact the network operator to find out which payment methods are accepted. Charging fees differ between sites.

European model shown.
A close-up photo of an e-tron charging port with a charger plugged in.

Save with Electrify Canada.

Your Audi e-tron includes complimentary, 4-year access to the Electrify Canada charging network (or 1,400 kWh). Electrify Canada is the nation's leading public charging network of cross-country stations that allow you to recharge on long trips or in metro areas.*

*Includes 4 years or 1,400 kWh of DC fast charging sessions (with 1-hour intervals between charges) on the Electrify Canada HPC Charging Network. Not available for commercial use vehicles (such as ride shares) and is not transferable. Requires Electrify Canada account, app, valid credit card and acceptance of Terms of Use. After vehicle reaches full charge, and 10-min grace period, Idle Fees will apply.

A mid-shot photo of an Audi e-tron driving down a curvy road in a forest.
US model shown.

Optimum temperature, optimized battery.

While temperature has an effect on range, Audi EVs are engineered to prevent this, including a heat pump that helps warm the battery; a trip timer to help your vehicle warm or cool down the battery before trips; and thermal management of each battery cell to help maintain an optimal temperature.

US model shown.