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2018 Audi A5

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The Audi A5: Engineered with soul.

The Audi A5 Family

While every model in the Audi A5 family shares the same sleek lines and athletic stance that has become synonymous with the A5, each manages to bring its own unique personality to the road. With the classic beauty and power of the A5 Coupé, the fun and free-spiritedness of the Cabriolet and the capability and freshness of the Sportback, the pedigree of the A5 family has never been so secure.

The Audi S5 Family

The S5 family has adapted to meet the needs of the modern driver. From the classic Coupé with its distinctive style and commanding presence, to the all-new Sportback, there is something available for any driving preference. Find the one that suits you and prepare to be thrilled.

The Audi A5 family may have been designed with soul, but each model brings its own unique personality to the road. Choose the one that suits your lifestyle and you’ll quickly find that the A5 is not just an expression, but a perfect declaration of your personal style. Find your ideal model and bring the joy back to your drive.