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Audi Sport pit crew planning the race.

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It runs in the family.

Every Audi Sport model has a long-standing heritage. A heritage that has been passed down from generation to generation. From performance to design and technology, each Audi Sport model has its own distinctive fingerprint that is unique but an extension of its ancestors before them.

Uncover what makes an Audi an Audi Sport model.

Audi Sport model with a 7 gear S tronic or 8 gear Tiptronic.

Power to the beast.

With our unrivalled pedigree in motorsport, our R and RS models are built for speed. Even though each model is designed to have its own distinctive character and sound, they are all built using the same fundamental sporting principles, to be bold and ferocious yet full of stamina and endurance. The key driving force behind the exceptional performance under the hood of an Audi Sport model is our state of the art gearbox. Available in a 7 gear S tronic or 8 gear Tiptronic, our gearbox intensifies the driving experience by shifting the precise ratio of power and torque, quickly and efficiently so you never miss a beat.

The Audi Sport aerodynamically designed aluminum space frame.

A firm foundation.

Infused in the DNA of every Audi Sport model comes a light-weight and aerodynamically designed aluminum space frame. Every curve, contour and edge is sculpted and shaped precisely for a purpose: to create downforce and minimize the effects of drag. The aftermath–an Audi that's as fast as lightening and a true work of art. Using our long-standing history and expertise in motorsport, we are consistently testing new materials to develop the best and most effective designs and combinations for our Audi Sport models driving on the road and competing on the racetrack.

Audi Sport quattro all-wheel drive wheelbase.

The science behind the performance.

When superior technologies sync together, they create a driving experience like no other. When quattro met sport, the performance and handling results were undeniably superior together. With quattro, traction and handling are enhanced to increase driving dynamics, safety, and control on the track and on the road. A friendship that was made to last forever and a system uniquely designed and enhanced just for Audi Sport models.

Audi Sport model engines: V10 in the R8, the burble of the 5 cylinder of the TT RS and seductive twin turbo V8 in the RS7 Sportback.

Meant to be seen and heard.

The intoxicating roar of an Audi Sport model is an unmistakable sound. It is a symbol of its character and spirit. Featuring the naturally aspirated V10 in the R8, the burble of the 5 cylinder of the TT RS and seductive twin turbo V8 in the RS7 Sportback.

Ready for the next level?

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