What is “range prognosis” on my Audi e-tron and how does it work?

Within the Audi virtual cockpit on your Audi e-tron is a feature called range prognosis, which takes the high-voltage battery’s charge level and the energy consumption forecast to give you a prognosis. Several factors are considered to calculate this, and drive system consumption has the biggest effect on it.

For projected range, Audi distinguishes between two scenarios: an active navigation route and inactive navigation. For the active navigation route, projected consumption from the route profile (e.g. speed limits, green lights, differences in elevation) and current traffic information (e.g. traffic congestion and average energy consumption over the last 99.9 km) are considered. Additionally, anticipated convenience and heat or air-conditioning consumption are assessed for the entire upcoming drive. When navigation is inactive, the average of the last 99.9 km is applied to determine drive system consumption. Convenience and climate consumption are also assessed. By turning the convenience consumers on and off via the range monitor, users can see their direct impact on the range prognosis.