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With so many variables affecting range, there are several things you can do to help maximize it when driving your e-tron.

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To help increase range, modulate your speed by simply using the accelerator pedal and regenerative braking, which can be adjusted with the steering wheel shift paddles. At the lowest level, the vehicle coasts—offering a more conventional driving experience. At the highest level, "one-pedal" driving helps slow the vehicle and maximize regeneration energy back to the battery.

A mid-shot photo of an Audi e-tron parked against a background of mountains and a sunset.

More ways to maximize.

To maximize range, you can do a few things, including: activate range mode from the MMI system, or use regenerative braking/three-stage coasting energy recuperation on the steering wheel paddles. In addition, consider reducing air conditioning use or pre-condition the battery while it’s still connected to the charger.

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