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Audi House of Progress

After a successful first stop in North America, Audi House of Progress delivered immersive experiences that brought Audi’s brand values to life for guests during its week-long duration. It culminated in a weekend of lively panel discussions with thought-leaders across multiple disciplines where we had meaningful conversations about the future of premium mobility.

Explore the series below and discover some key insights and highlights from our conversations.

The future is shaped by bold ideas, something readily demonstrated through the advancement of technology. But as we drive digitalization forward, it’s important that we remember the key – keeping people at the centre of every concept, initiative, and design. This is our conversation about technology and human centricity. Putting user experience at the heart of every innovation.

The world and the way people interact with it is continuously evolving. As it does, human-centric design is imperative to solving real-world problems. It creates utility and prioritizes function, all while still being aesthetically pleasing. This is our conversation about the power of purposeful design and human connection. Shaping the spaces and places around us.
From the discovery of insulin to wireless radio transmission, Canada has always been a nation of innovators. Achievements thought impossible just years ago have been brought to reality. It’s constant innovation that drives us to continually excel and perform at our best. This is our conversation about progressing towards a more sustainable world without compromise.
Amidst the challenges that surround global climate change, sustainability experts are using a lens of opportunity to move Canada towards its goal of net-zero emissions. It starts with innovation in sustainable practices that maintain or even improve our way of life while lessening our impact on the environment. This is our conversation about driving towards a better future – and how we can collectively get everyone on board.
The Audi House of Progress Montréal delivered an immersive experience that showcased Audi’s vision for a better future. One driven by constant evolution and consistently pushing boundaries without compromise. One sparked by meaningful conversations with thought leaders across multiple disciplines. This is our conversation about reshaping the future of premium mobility, together.