Audi House of Progress | Audi Canada
A black Audi concept car parked on a silver stage in a darkened room illuminated with neon lighting.

Audi House of Progress


This is progress.

Experience how far we’ve come & how far we can go with the new Audi EV line-up.

The downtown Montréal skyline at night.

Audi House of Progress

The House of Progress is an immersive experience that turns Audi’s vision for a better future into a conversation about progression. A future driven by the values, mindset and aspirations of our customers. A future that we are reshaping, together.

After successful stops in Tokyo, São Paulo and Milan, Audi’s House of Progress is making its first stop in North America. Montréal will be the home of a fully immersive experience that brings together a passion for longevity and wellness with Audi’s commitment to progress.

An Audi e-tron GT hooked up to a charging station in a dark room.

In a city known to be at the forefront of innovation, where workplace trends meet advocacy for the planet and EV lifestyle is embraced, there’s no better place to tell our story of progress than in Montréal’s first train station.

An Audi RS e-tron GT parked in a dark room, illuminated by strobe lights.

Walk through the pages of progress, be immersed in intricate design and witness the art of aerodynamics in-motion. Listen to industry experts inspire us to achieve new heights. Experience the future of mobility and see how Audi builds cars to last longer, making for a better, more livable world.

It’s here that you’ll experience where we’ve been, how far we’ve come, and more importantly – how much further we can go, together.

Join us in our pursuit of progress.