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Frequently asked questions.

Below you will find answers to some commonly asked questions from technicians aspiring to work at an Audi dealership. Please note that some answers will vary according to the dealer. Contact your prospective Audi dealership for additional information.

What are the qualifications required to apply to be an Audi technician?

Aspiring Audi technicians should be registered as an apprentice, or certified red-seal technician under the province (Ministry of Transportation); however, each dealer may offer unique incentives and development opportunities for those who lack experience, but demonstrate fundamental skillsets and competencies.
What are the most important skills required to be a successful Audi technician?

To be successful in this role, Audi technicians demonstrate creativity, open-mindedness, high attention to detail, enthusiasm, organization and punctuality. In addition, this role demands competencies related to both independent thought and initiative, as well as an ability to thrive in a team environment.
Are there any professional development opportunities at Audi dealerships?

Both aspiring and established technicians will find rewarding challenges in their daily work and various opportunities for professional development. These may vary dealer to dealer; however, a well-established merit-based system is in place to facilitate individual growth and progress from the apprentice position to certified Master-technician status. Audi invests in its technicians through regular training and well-defined career paths. In addition, all technicians are eligible to compete in the Audi Twin Cup competition. This annual event provides technicians with an opportunity to compete against his/her peers, demonstrating their skills for an opportunity to advance to the national stage and ultimately represent Canada at the world competition. Technicians in the Audi Canada dealer network have repeatedly demonstrated that they are among the top performers in the world.
What is the relationship between Audi Canada and its dealerships?

All Audi dealerships are privately owned enterprises, licensed as brand proprietors on behalf of Audi Canada.
How are Audi technicians compensated?

Form of payment for Audi-technicians is determined by individual dealerships. This includes either flat-rate or hourly compensation plans.
What are the working hours for Audi technicians?

There are many possible work schedules for Audi technicians and these are determined independently by the dealers. While it is common for a workshop to operate from 7:30am to 5:00pm, some dealerships operate on Saturdays, and also have afternoon and night shifts.
How is work distributed at Audi dealerships?

Individual dealers have discretion regarding the distribution of work; however, in most cases work is distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Specialized work may be distributed based on the qualifications (training and experience) of the available technicians.
Is there enough work to go around?

With the continued growth of the Audi brand in Canada, and the sheer number of product on the roads, there is a large supply of work for Audi technicians. From pre-delivery inspections, routine maintenance, and repairs, Audi technician skills are in high demand.
Are toolboxes required or are they provided by the dealer?

There is some variation to this across the dealer network. All newer Audi terminal buildings have built-in toolboxes which meet brand standards and establish a uniform appearance to the workshop; however, there are exceptions to this and it should be clarified during the application process.
Are uniforms provided to Audi technicians?

Uniforms, which meet brand standard, are provided to technicians by the dealer.