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Mechanical Breakdown

Mechanical Breakdown Protection

Audi vehicles are known for premium quality, but even the vehicles of the highest calibre may require repairs. Audi After Care Mechanical Breakdown Protection (MBP) covers many vehicle components that can potentially fail over time.

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mechanical breakdown

Levels of coverage

Audi After Care MBP vehicle coverage protects you from the cost of unexpected mechanical failures and the rising cost of vehicle repairs. Available on new, Audi Certified :plus and used vehicles.



Ultimate coverage for absolute peace of mind. All components are covered other than a select list of exclusions¹.



Extensive coverage above and beyond the powertrain to include many critical vehicle components that are costly to repair.



Essential protection for major powertrain components for new, Audi Certified :plus and used vehicles with a maximum coverage limit of $4,000 per repair visit.

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Lease Plan

Provides Platinum coverage during the term of the lease with unlimited kilometre coverage and a $100 deductible.

With all components covered except for a select list of exclusions¹, you can look forward to worry-free driving during your lease.

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Additional benefits and exclusions

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