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Anti-Theft Protection


Cars with no visible signs of theft deterrent are easy targets for thieves. With over 216 cars stolen per day in Canada, thieves seem to have plenty of vehicles to choose from. Audi After Care Anti-Theft is a vehicle theft deterrent system designed to discourage thieves from stealing your Audi. In the event your car goes missing, Audi After Care Anti-Theft increases the chance of vehicle recovery and may provide a benefit to reduce the cost of purchasing a replacement vehicle.¹

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Theft of a vehicle.

Facts about auto-theft

Some statistics you may want to know about vehicle theft:

  • Vehicle theft is one of the most frequent crimes committed in Canada according to police reported data.
  • Police reported over 79,000 motor vehicle thefts in 2016. That’s roughly 216 stolen vehicles each day.
  • About two-thirds of all stolen vehicles were taken from public areas such as parking lots and streets. The remaining third were taken from private residences.
  • Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) statistics show that car theft costs Canadians about $1 billion a year including health care expenses, court, policing, legal and out of pocket costs such as deductibles.²
Audi After Care Anti-Theft features:
Multiple term options
Audi After Care Anti-Theft can be purchased for terms ranging from 24 to 84 months.
Protection for recovered vehicles
Provides a full refund of the purchase price for Audi After Care Anti-Theft in the event your vehicle is stolen and recovered with damage or stolen goods.¹
Protection for unrecovered or total loss vehicles
Provides up to $5,000 as a selling dealer discount available towards the purchase of a replacement Audi in the event your vehicle is stolen and unrecovered or recovered and declared a total loss.¹
Vehicle identification
All vehicles equipped with Anti-Theft are fitted with unique and permanent tracking numbers discretely applied to in various locations throughout the vehicle to improve its traceability.

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Some conditions & benefit limits apply. See contract/policy for full details.
Source: Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) 2017