MMI Navigation plus with MMI Touch

MMI Navigation plus: The key to knowing where you’re going. Audi MMI (Multimedia Interface) Navigation features a GPS unit installed in- vehicle that determines the vehicles position relative to a digital map, displayed on screen. When a destination is set, the driver receives route suggestions that are customizable based on a number of options. The Audi navigation system depends upon signals from the worldwide GPS network. Once in use, a driver can confidently be directed by visual and verbal commands. On top of that, MMI Navigation plus includes ten gigabytes of memory standard. The navigations system is stored on the hard disk drive instead of an SD card and allows 3D imaging and other graphics to be displayed on the MMI screen alongside the map. The vehicle's electrical system and existing wireless and satellite technologies must be available and operating properly for the system to function.
MMI Touch: A completely tactile approach. MMI (Multimedia Interface) Touch is a touchpad that allows users to interact with the vehicle’s information system using their fingertip. Destinations, names, phone numbers and more can be entered by writing on the touchpad. The system can also control various music players, including Bluetooth®.