All Audis. All together.

As we build towards an electric future, paired with the fact engine displacement is not an accurate measure of performance, Audi has created and assigned all engine variants a 2-digit number based on power output. This allows for easy cross comparison of TFSI gas-powered cars, TFSI e hybrids and full EVs.

Audi engine designations represent a range of power. In Canada, Audi engines start at 40 and increase in increments of 5, up to a maximum power designation of 70. Please see the table below for the full breakdown for models in Canada, converted to horsepower. Signifying their position at the top of the range, S, RS and R8 models will retain their classic engine designations.
Power level
between 168 and 201 HP
between 227 and 248 HP
between 282 and 308 HP
between 329 and 369 HP
between 429 and 453 HP
between 563 and 577 HP