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Canada. Land of quattro.

Uncover the unknown.

There are unchartered territories to be uncovered, new experiences to be had, and unfelt excitement to be known. In those moments, when you arrive at a place that has never been your destination, you discover the feeling of quattro.

Western Canada

Explore the expansive mountaintops of the Rockies and drift through the endless skies of the Prairies. Western Canada is filled with shifting territories waiting to be uncovered.

Wander through the West.

Central Canada

Get lost in city skylines hiding whimsical speakeasies that will take you back to the Prohibition, then find yourself in the vast landscapes beneath a blanket of stars. Uncovering Central Canada is never a bore.

Get carried away in Central.

Eastern Canada

Break away from the monotony of the urban everyday and explore the rugged shores before dining on a feast fresh from the sea. Eastern Canada is a trove of hidden treasures waiting for you to find them.

Escape to the East.