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The future wants to meet you.

See what lies ahead.

The venture into intelligent autonomy represents the pinnacle of our conviction to exceed expectations. It’s our dedication to simplifying the driving experience and our receptiveness to archetypical thinking that is helping bring Audi AI to the forefront of autonomous driving.

Audi AI represents more than just self-driving vehicles; it represents true automotive intelligence.

The future is: sleek and sophisticated.

With a vision of fully autonomous driving in the near future, your ally is just around the corner.
The future is: intuitive.

Let your Audi be your guide. Using red and green headlight indicators, your parked Audi will let you know when an oncoming vehicle is about to pass.

The future is: collaborative.

Using laser headlights that project onto the road ahead, your Audi will communicate with other vehicles when you’re making a turn, and pedestrians when they have the right of way.


This site and the linked videos show some US and European models with features that may not be available on the Canadian model. Professional drivers on closed courses. Some of the information provided is for the US or European market and not applicable in Canada. Some technologies and features are at the concept stage and are subject to change, or are dramatizations and may not function exactly as shown. Audi pre sense and AI features are for driver assistance. Drivers must continue to perform manual checks and pay full attention to the road and safe driving at all times.