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The not-so-distant future.

What you can expect to see.

Intelligent technology is constantly improving the driving experience. See the latest innovations coming soon to models like the all-new A8.

Audi AI active suspension.

With Audi AI fully-active suspension, a 48-volt main electrical system powers the suspension to provide maximum comfort and dynamism. The system also introduces a global first: adjusting ride-height during a side impact to help increase occupant safety.

Lights that communicate.

Experience state-of-the-art interactive laser headlights that dim when they sense oncoming vehicles, indicate the width of your Audi for moving within tight spaces, and communicate with pedestrians.
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    Glimpse the future.

    Much of what we’ve learned in our quest for autonomous driving has been synthesized into features currently available on the road today. Sign up to receive news about our latest innovations.

    Stay informed

Some US and European models are shown with features that may not be available on the Canadian model. Features are for driver assistance. Drivers must continue to pay full attention to the road and safe driving at all times. Some technologies and features are subject to change before launch.