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Future-inspired features.

How Audi AI is already improving the drive.

The technological advancements yielded by the quest for self-driving vehicles have allowed us to drastically improve the modern driving experience.

Vehicles with brain power.

Catch a glimpse of tomorrow with the vehicle that thinks. With autonomous features built into select models, you can enjoy the future of driving today.

Explore Audi AI models today:

A4 Sedan
  • Traffic congestion assist
  • Adaptive cruise control with Stop & Go
  • Audi active lane assist
Build and Price
  • A4 Sedan
  • A5 Sportback
  • Q5
  • Q7

This site and the linked videos show some US and European models with features that may not be available on the Canadian model. Professional drivers on closed courses. Some of the information provided is for the US or European market and not applicable in Canada. Some technologies and features are at the concept stage and are subject to change, or are dramatizations and may not function exactly as shown. Audi pre sense and AI features are for driver assistance. Drivers must continue to perform manual checks and pay full attention to the road and safe driving at all times.