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Audi AI

The Invisible Man.

Personal autonomy is here. The purpose of Audi AI is not only to improve the quality of your drive, but also to improve the quality of your life. Our intelligent technologies range from current assist features to a fully autonomous future. It is through intelligent automation that we endeavour to create more time, more freedom, and a more connected lifestyle for Audi drivers.

Meet Jack. Your personal chauffeur.

Jack is the culmination of years of research, development, and testing of the latest in technology—delivering the ultimate autonomous driving experience.

Take back time.

In the future, self-driving cars will fluently navigate cities and roadways, without a steering wheel, without a driver. Users will have more free time—time we refer to as the “25th Hour” of the day.
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    TED was created to help spread ideas in the fields of Technology, Entertainment, and Design. The partnership between TEDxToronto and Audi is a natural progression of our core belief: Vorsprung durch Technik—Advancement through technology.

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    Technology is constantly evolving, leading to new breakthroughs in safety, security, and driving dynamics. Be prepared when the future arrives. Sign up to receive exclusive updates on our latest advancements.

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    Available now.

    Experience the technology of today, inspired by fully autonomous vehicles of tomorrow.

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    Coming soon.

    Uncover the latest advancements in vehicle autonomy, coming soon to models like the all-new A8.

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    Discover the cutting-edge technology that will soon be commonplace on our roads.

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This site and the linked videos show some US and European models with features that may not be available on the Canadian model. Professional drivers on closed courses. Some of the information provided is for the US or European market and not applicable in Canada. Some technologies and features are at the concept stage and are subject to change, or are dramatizations and may not function exactly as shown. Audi pre sense and AI features are for driver assistance. Drivers must continue to perform manual checks and pay full attention to the road and safe driving at all times.