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How to Start Your Purchase Online.

Follow these steps as you move through the e-Deposit purchase experience.
Start by finding your Audi and placing an e-Deposit to reserve it.¹

Here's how to start¹:

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    Find Your Audi.

    Explore our new and used inventory. Once you find the Audi you like, you can start the purchase process and place an e-Deposit to secure your Audi.

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    Place your e-Deposit.

    Your e-Deposit is intended to reserve a vehicle that is currently offered for sale by an Audi dealer. Upon placing an e-Deposit, you will receive an email confirmation. If, for any reason, the dealer cannot confirm that your chosen vehicle is available, your e-Deposit will be refunded.*

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    Dealer contact.

    You will be contacted by a dealer to discuss next steps.

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    Contract and payment details.

    Your dealer will work with you to finalize the terms of your sale. If, for any reason, the sale or lease of your chosen vehicle does not occur, your e-Deposit will be refunded.

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    European model shown.
    Delivery of vehicle.

    Your dealer will confirm the delivery date of your chosen vehicle.

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    European model shown.
    You’re done!

    Get ready to get going in your brand new Audi.

Find your Audi.

Browse over thousands of models to find the Audi that suits you best.
Use our new and pre-owned inventory search to find your next Audi at a dealer near you.

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We're here for you.

Your local Audi dealer is always ready to help you get into your preferred Audi and make your ownership experience as enjoyable as possible.²

At participating dealers only. Contact your preferred dealer to determine which shopping experiences they support.
Some dealers may not be open or available by appointment only during COVID-19 restrictions.