The most direct route to ownership.

When you purchase your Audi through Audi Finance, every payment you make brings you one step closer to ownership. Our loan terms are flexible, ranging from 12 months to 48 months.* You’ll enjoy our competitive interest rates, ease of application, convenient payment plans and no prepayment penalties.

The kilometre factor.

As a general rule, the more kilometres you drive, the more sense it makes to purchase. If you drive a new Audi more than 25,000 kilometres per year we typically recommend you purchase. The same goes for individuals driving an Audi Certified pre-owned vehicle more than 20,000 kilometres a year. (Please keep in mind that this is our general recommendation. For advice tailored specifically for you, please see your local Audi dealer.)

Take the next step.

Find an authorized Audi dealership near you to determine your actual purchasing terms and begin your application process. If you qualify, we’ll design a purchasing arrangement that meets your needs.

Some notable numbers.

When and why our Purchase option may be the ideal fit for you:
• If the years you intend to own this Audi exceed: 4
• If the kilometres per year you intend to drive your new Audi significantly exceed: 25,000
• If the kilometres per year you intend to drive your Audi Certified pre-owned vehicle significantly exceed: 20,000
• Prepayment penalties charged if you pay off your loan before the end of the term: $0

*Information subject to change.

Audi Select

The benefits of financing flexibility.

Enjoy the satisfaction of owning combined with the flexibility of a lease-type payment schedule. With Audi Select you make equal monthly payments over the term of your contract and a payment for the remaining amount, called a balloon, at the end.

During the contract, your equal monthly payments are much lower than a typical retail loan, allowing you to purchase your Audi for less money per month. The length of the contract is flexible and you can pay off your loan at any time without administration fees. Similar to a lease, at the end of the contract, you keep your Audi by paying off the balance (balloon) or refinancing it. Total financing flexibility.


• A range of Audi Select terms
• Low monthly payment
• Several options at the end of your contract
• No excess wear and tearNo kilometre limits
• Potential tax credits


24, 36, 48 or 60 months on new current model year vehicles.


This product is not available to residents of the province of Quebec.
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