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Audi Finance Newcomer Program

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Foreign student

Am I eligible for this plan?

If you’re a foreign student registered in a full-time program at an accredited Canadian College or University, you qualify for this plan.

*Subject to credit approval

What are my Audi options?

You’re eligible to drive a new or certified :plus Audi.

What are my purchasing options?

You can lease your Audi.

What are my leasing options?

Enjoy a Standard Lease, which gives you flexible payment options.

Please note:
The length of your lease cannot exceed your length of stay in Canada.

What are my financing options?

Unfortunately, this option is not available.

What’s the maximum amount I can finance?

The maximum amount financed is $75,000.

Additional security deposits may allow for higher amount financed.

Do I need to provide a minimum down payment?

Yes. You must have a minimum 20% down payment or Standard Security Deposit.

Do I need to present any documentation?

You must present a valid:
- Student Permit
- Official letter from your University or College Office of Registration (Must include length of program)
- Canadian Driver’s licence
- Bank statement (must show activity in the last three months)
- One personal reference