Revealing the truth about winter tires.

Myth: Regular tires provide sufficient traction in winter.
Reality: Winter tires are superior to summer tires and all-season tires in terms of traction, braking performance and cornering in all winter conditions.
Myth: Winter tires are only useful in regions with lots of snow.
Reality: Winter tires outperform other types of tires during all winter conditions, including dry surfaces, once temperatures drop below 7°C.
Myth: Vehicles with ABS, Electronic Stability Control (ESC), all-wheel (AWD) or four-wheel drive do not need winter tires.
Reality: In winter driving conditions, safety features like ABS, ESC, AWD or four-wheel drive are compromised without the use of winter tires.
Myth: Two winter tires instead of a complete set of four winter tires is sufficiently safe.
Reality: Mixing different types of tires can cause a vehicle to have uncontrollable handling characteristics.