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Maintenance Benefits

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Maintenance Benefits

The Audi Service Department at your local Audi Dealer is equipped to handle everything from routine maintenance to major repairs. It also offers Audi Genuine Parts and Accessories, providing assurance that your vehicle will remain the Audi it was on the day you first bought it.

It’s important to us that you enjoy the original quality and peak performance of your Audi vehicle throughout your years of ownership. We highly recommend bringing your vehicle an authorized Audi Dealer for regularly scheduled maintenance.

• You’ll enjoy the confidence of knowing that your Audi is in the hands of trusted technicians.
• Audi technicians have been trained to work with your specific Audi model.
• Audi technicians know your Audi vehicle better than anyone else and can confidently diagnose any mechanical issues and perform the necessary procedures to get you back on the road.
• They use only Audi Genuine Parts and Accessories—most repairs shops use generic parts and accessories that aren’t engineered or tested to meet Audi’s high standards.

As you know, Audi models are built with meticulous attention to detail and the finest craftsmanship. Your Audi should have the same level of care and dedication when it is being serviced and repaired. Simply schedule a service appointment online and drop off your vehicle at an Audi service and repair centre, they’ll take care of the rest.


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