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The 2017 Audi A4 Sedan > Audi Canada

Progress is intense.
The all-new Audi A4.

The embodiment of innovation.

From the sharp, tense design lines that provide a high aerodynamic efficiency to the subtle relocation of the side mirrors for a sleeker appearance, every element of the 2017 A4 exterior has been carefully re-examined and redesigned. Use the slider below to explore the enhanced exterior.
The distinct look of Audi headlights is immediately recognizable in the sea of vehicles on the road. The all-new A4 features optional full LED headlights with precise light output, high-energy efficiency and a light colour so close to natural daytime light that it reduces fatigue. The dynamic rear indicators sweep outward in the direction of the turn with a smooth and consistent animation.

A look into the future.

The optional Audi virtual cockpit redefines what an instrument cluster should be and transforms the traditional analogue gauges into a completely new digital experience. The high-resolution 12.3-inch LCD screen presents the driver with important information in a comprehensive and versatile manner.
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It’s what’s on the inside that awes.

Compared to its predecessor, the 2017 A4 has up to 15% more power. The 252 hp and 273 lbs/ft of torque generated by its 2.0 TFSI engine combine power and efficiency into one.

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Taking safety features to the next level.

The all-new Audi A4 comes equipped with numerous optional, cutting-edge safety systems. These impressive driver assistance systems are engineered to ensure an optimal driving and parking experience in any situation.

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Immerse yourself in symphonic sound and customizable ambience.

The Audi A4 gives you the option to customize your interior lighting to create an invigorating, relaxing or simply unique environment. Combined with the ability to enjoy music the way the artists intended it be heard, it completely elevates the driving experience.

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Recommended configurations

  • S line Sport Package
  • 19" alloy wheels
  • Front sport seats
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Explore the all-new Audi A4.

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