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When you buy an Audi you also buy one of the industry’s leading care and maintenance programs. From roadside assistance to a helpful maintenance schedule program, your Audi will be looked after with care and professionalism.

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  • Audi Care

    By purchasing a comprehensive Audi CareAudi CareAudi Care package, you get both extra value and added convenience for all your scheduled vehicle maintenance.

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  • Maintenance Schedule

    Keep your Audi performing at its best by adhering to Audi maintenance schedules.

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  • Aluminum Body Repair

    Because of the high standards of workmanship that go into the Audi design, have your A8, R8/S8 or 2008+ TT/TTS body repaired at one of these locations to ensure your Audi exterior's longterm quality and durability.

  • Audi Tire Center
  • Tires

    Depend on your authorized Audi dealer for full selection from top brand names.

  • Audi Approved Oil List
  • Audi Approved Oil List

    All Audi engines must use engine oils that conform to the Audi Oil Quality Standard. Use of the wrong oil, even for topping off between maintenance appointments, may damage the engine.

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