An abundance of colour and choice

Audi exclusive exterior paint choices give you the opportunity to stand out among all others. The golden hue of a sunset, the calm blue of the ocean, or the deep red of an autumn leaf—all of these colours are available. So is almost any other colour if you bring a sample to your Audi dealer. Even with such customization options, Audi keeps a large selection of previously defined paint colours on hand. Choose the cool look of Speed Blue Metallic or the more luxurious appeal of Mahogany Mica.

Regardless of your colour choice, every vehicle is painted to the level of quality and detail you can always expect with Audi. In fact, Audi paint consists of four layers: a priming coat, a filler coat, the visible colour and a protective clear coat. Together, these four layers are thinner than a single strand of human hair.

1. Priming Coat

The first priming coat protects the body from rust and other effects of aging. To coat all gaps during the paint application, the vehicle is pulled through the ‘dip tank’ as it rotates. This ensures every millimeter is covered. As soon as the priming has hardened, it is cleaned with emu feathers. The rotating feathers are used to carefully brush the body down and remove any dust particles.

2. Filler Coat

Once the first priming coat is complete, the second layer of paint is applied. This filler coat evens out any irregular spots and includes an elastic component to ensure paint does not chip off in the event of a stone impact.

3. Visible Colour

The third layer is the visible colour. While the body is painted with your choice of colour, which is custom mixed in the dip tank, the small fittings such as exterior mirrors or filler caps are manually painted with paint spraying guns.

4. Protective Clear Coat

Finally, a protective clear coat is applied and sets in just half an hour, at 140 degrees Celsius. This layer protects against UV rays and provides gloss and depth of colour to the paint finish, helping your colour look as vibrant and beautiful as the day you chose it.

Audi exclusive paint is currently offered in Canada on all models. Visit your local Audi dealer to learn more about the various Audi exclusive options available for your next Audi.